Project | 01
Project | 01 Big Belly Poster Campaign 

The Green Campus Initiative, part of ESU’s Sustainability Committee, highlights present and future projects in five targeted areas: recycling, botanical landscaping, wildlife, and habitat protection, energy efficiency, and green stormwater infrastructure. The posters will be featured on the Big Belly waste and recycling system stations across campus.

Project | 02
Project | 02 Little Guardian Baby Monitor

This project will explore the process by which consumer electronics are designed, including both aesthetic and functional manufacturing considerations. Both digital and analog techniques will be employed to develop consumer electronics- a smart baby monitor, a device that will ensure safety and peace of mind to parents in caring for their baby while juggling the tasks of everyday life. The student will be challenged to balance the aesthetic and functional aspects of the device. 

Project | 03
Project | 03 ESU PPE Summer Project 2020

 Sometimes you don't expect when you will meet them at sometimes the most inopportune times, as the world came to a screaming stop due to the COVID- 19. A group of 2 students, art faculty, and myself were given a wonderful opportunity to create PPE face masks. Throughout this journey we had a great fortune to work on pieces that would be utilized for both students and faculty at ESU.

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