ESU PPE Summer Project 2020

The Full Story: ESU PPE Project 2020

"We are in this together - and we will get through this, together."
Un Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

Throughout my career here at East Stroudsburg University, I’ve had the great fortune to work on some truly inspiring projects, while meeting many influential and creative individuals along the way. Sometimes you don't expect when you will meet them at sometimes the most inopportune times, as the world came to a screaming stop due to the COVID- 19. A group of 2 students, the art faculty, and myself were given a wonderful opportunity to create PPE face masks. Throughout this journey, we had a great fortune to work on pieces that would be utilized for both students and faculty at ESU.

1st Step

After some research we were able to come up with some of the main goals for this project was voice projection, lip readability, and comfort. As we moved on we were able to test out different machinery to make our plans come to life!

2nd Step

After we had narrowed down which design I wanted to accomplish I begun moving my ideas into 3D software, where I was able to print my pieces so that they were ready to be used in vacuum forming.

3rd Step

Once all the parts are assembled together we get the final concept. Once it is done and we are given one of the first prototypes that will be used to help progress the design so that they can continue to improve.